WordPress Themes

Pick a ThemeHow your website looks! A theme is a “collection of files” that create a unifiying look for your website without modifying the underlying software. That means the look can be changed easily by changing themes, without the content of your website being changed.

CT4U likes to personalize the Origami theme.

CT4U likes to personalize the Origami theme.

Many themes are free from WordPress.org and I suggest you start there. This quote is verbatim from their website: “The WordPress Theme Directory is the official site for WordPress Themes which have been checked and inspected, and are free for downloading. The site features the ability to search by type and style, and offers a demonstration of the page view elements of the Theme.” I am fairly adamant about the checked and inspected being very important.

There are 2,619 on WordPress.org and you can purchase an upgrade – premium theme for the free ones – that gives you more capabilities. But to get started I highly recommend either Twenty-Twelve or Origami.


Themes are installed from your Dashboard – under Appearance. You do not have to download them to your home computer, ftp them anywhere! Read further for more advice on themes and tips on backgrounds—–>! Continue reading

Login and Dashboard

WP DashboardSo you’ve loaded WordPress on your host server. Now What? If you got a free domain name with your hosting package you are all set to login to your WordPress Dashboard. If you purchased your domain name somewhere else, your registration company needs to point the domain name servers to the servers where your website is hosted. I’ll probably do a quick blog on this later – but for now a phone call to your hosting company will get you going.

OK – your website is “hot” and you want to login and start figuring out WordPress.

  1. Open an internet browser window, and in the address bar put your website name, forward slash /, wp-login.php   example http://yourwebsitename/wp-login.php    and hit enter
  2. Hopefully you wrote down your user name and password. It was also mailed to you when you put in the email to mail the Installation info to.
  3. When you hit Enter you will be on the latest WordPress Dashboard. If you had an older version at one time you may be delighted with how user friendly the new dashboard is. Lots of hover over lists.
  4. At the top left is “View website” – you can click on that to see what website looks like now.
  5. It is OK to look through all of these. In my next blog I will give you my suggested next step of changing a few Settings.