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Pick a ThemeHow your website looks! A theme is a “collection of files” that create a unifiying look for your website without modifying the underlying software. That means the look can be changed easily by changing themes, without the content of your website being changed.

CT4U likes to personalize the Origami theme.

CT4U likes to personalize the Origami theme.

Many themes are free from WordPress.org and I suggest you start there. This quote is verbatim from their website: “The WordPress Theme Directory is the official site for WordPress Themes which have been checked and inspected, and are free for downloading. The site features the ability to search by type and style, and offers a demonstration of the page view elements of the Theme.” I am fairly adamant about the checked and inspected being very important.

There are 2,619 on WordPress.org and you can purchase an upgrade – premium theme for the free ones – that gives you more capabilities. But to get started I highly recommend either Twenty-Twelve or Origami.


Themes are installed from your Dashboard – under Appearance. You do not have to download them to your home computer, ftp them anywhere! Read further for more advice on themes and tips on backgrounds—–>!

One of the things I have noticed with clients that purchased a theme from an outside source – even if legitimate – is that they didn’t update it. The developer made it, sold it, and then it is left up to You to update it – if possible. Sometimes developer hasn’t updated it to keep it compatible with the latest WP version, or so that it doesn’t have security flaws. WordPress 3.7 and above automatically updates itself (wahoo). A regular perusal of your dashboard will show you what themes or plug-ins need to be updated. WP 2.7+ was a one click up date to 3.7+.

After researching it a bit more I do not recommend getting a theme from anyplace but WordPress.org – at this time, as a beginner. [Since they are free you know I’m not getting a kick-back or anything on this!] If you want to buy an upgrade get it through one of the companies that provide a free version. 1) They are doing themes because they love to 2) WordPress has checked and inspected each theme 3) These developers tend to stick with it and provide support and updates for their themes. I Love SiteOrigin – Greg not only creates clean, classy themes, he developed Page Builder and my favorite Background Generator.  You can use one of nifty online graphics programs – Pixlr.com to open up a photograph, use the eye dropper to pick a color, then take it to the background generator, creating a color matched background to upload. {Remember to write down the R, G, B of the color.}

I always ask clients to Please, please go look at the WordPress Showcase http://wordpress.org/showcase/ or look through the themes themselves http://wordpress.org/themes/. It will really help you get an idea of what WP can do right off the FREE Shelf. Next blog we will start on Pages!

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