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ContentWhen I started making WordPress websites less than two years ago I wanted someplace I could go to find out How to make a WP website. I wanted EZ steps. Lots of hours watching YouTube videos and trying things out and I have those steps to share. That is why I’m writing this blog for you.

Talk about pressure though – for the first full blog on this new “Making WordPress Websites EZ” – I set myself the task to write about CONTENT. Before you even find out if the domain name for your website is available, I want you to start thinking about your content. What will you tell people on your website? And more importantly what valuable information will you give them?

You want to be successful in your business. You want to attract viewers to your website. In order to do that you need to have good useful information: credible, accurate and valuable. You want to make sure that people can find you by having the words they will use to search for you written in the text of your website. You want to occasionally update your content so that they will come back. Or start with content that is so useful they will come back again and again. Just remember these points:

Make your website:

1) USEFUL – content and more content
Credible, accurate, and Valuable information

2) USEABLE – easy navigation – remember accessibility for all users
http://www.w3.org/WAI/intro/accessibility.php Important and easy to do – helps your search engine optimization also.
Easy to access, maneuver, not cluttered, readable, attractive

3) Purpose is apparent – strong clear message

4) Contact information easily found!

5) Community – serves, is connected, creates community
FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
Google Adword info

What else makes a website “good”? I created a slideshow and uploaded it to SlideShare. The plugin doesn’t want to work so… Click to watch “How To Make Your Own WordPress Website”. [slideshare id=36559969&doc=howtomakeyourownwebsite-140702115217-phpapp02]

Hope you enjoy it!

In another blog I will talk more about the aestetichs of your website, colors, themes, connectedness, but here I want to stress Content.

It is a bit of the Chicken and Egg quandry – do you start with your viewers and figure out how to reach them, or do you create your website first? I suggest you do a bit of both. In order to write the content for your website you need to know What you want your website to do. At the WordCamp Seattle 2014 June 28th, someone said “If your website was an employee what would their job be?” Just answer these few questions.

What is the main purpose of your website? What will it deliver? What are your objectives?
How is it going to help the viewer?
How is it going to help your business?
How will you measure the results? (more on this as we go along – Google Analytics, EZ, along with increase in sales/contact/clients…)

These questions are ones to ask yourself as you begin writing your content and thinking about creating your website.

Typically, a web site falls under one of the following broad categories;

A static web site that functions pretty much like a business card. A non-editable or rarely edited brochure web site (often referred to as static site).
A static site that also includes a blog that you update – twice a year, once a month OR weekly/daily. This requires a content management system and WordPress is a CMS. It was created as a blogging software that has a searchable database where content is stored.
E-commerce web site where you sell something. There are E-commerce themes for WordPress and it is easy to add a “Shopping Cart” to your website with PayPal. It is possible to do it with free software. WordPress comes free, it is opensource software. ECommerce has free themes. You can inexpensively purchase upgrades when or if you want to.
Some sort of interactive, community building artistic experience – that may be way beyond this blog – BUT feasible and I’d like to know about it!

There are lots of great websites about what you need to put in your website. This one is good and succinct.


The most important thing about a website however is to GET GOING on it. Don’t try to make it perfect. Consider it a work of art and with WordPress you can upgrade and update, change and modify easily. So Onward to the next step of deciding your domain name and finding out if it is available for purchase.

Hope you found this blog informative and will come back for more. Love, Light and La;-)ghter, Lindy


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