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Domain Name – How do I get the domain name I want?

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A domain name is a unique name that identifies a website says Wikipedia. So how do you get one? Especially the one you want?

First – Try out the one you want. Open up a new browser window – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. In the URL address location up at the top left put in the domain name you want. If the name you want is not being used you will get a search page generated by your service provider. That’s a good start.

Example – if you put in My personal website will come up. When I put in I got a Frontier (my service provider) search page. If what you want isn’t available Get Creative. Try different combinations of words. I found that adding 4U to websites – ComputerTutor, CreativePlay and EZWordPress not only enabled me to purchase the domain name, but actually enhanced the original concept and developed a cohesiveness between several of my businesses.

Second– decide what company you want to have host your website. Again I suggest GreenGeeks (Green, real people on telephone support, easy, unlimited domains hosted on one account and independent from the megalith EIG ). You get one free domain registration with opening an account AND your domain name belongs to you if you decided to switch to a different host later for some reason. Bluehost comes well recommended, as does Hostgator. But they were both smaller companies that were bought out by EIG – Endurance International Group. Bluehost also has unlimited domains on one account for its lowest price. With Hostgator you have to go up to next high plan if you decide to create a second website.

I wouldn’t recommend GoDaddy to an enemy. I have three clients with websites hosted on GoDaddy and they each have had different simple problems that have been excruciatingly hard to resolve. And I had problems with Yahoo as a host. They gave me a free domain name when I signed up but then wouldn’t release it when I had months of trouble with them. Now that was years ago but…. Naw!

The first step when you set up your website hosting account will be a search to see if the domain name is available. Then the webhost will take you through all the steps to set-up the account and get going. Just realized that GreenGeeks will migrate a website for you for free – Bluehost charges $99. wow

Next blog will be on loading WordPress onto your hosting providers servers. vs.

What the heck? How come there are two of them? Which do I go with?

WordPress button from Seattle WordCamp 2014

WordPress button from Seattle WordCamp 2014

WordPress is an open source (FREE) software to make websites, beyond that it is a content management system (expanded capabilities from just html/old school websites). It is great for website development or for blogging, or as I recommend a website that has both. is the WP community’s website. You can download WP from there but don’t. When you set up a domain on any of the hosting sites I recommend: Green Geeks, Blue Host, etc. you will be able to install the WordPress software right from host account. is THE place to go for information about WP, forums, great links, galleries of themes and details about themes from people that have used them, details about widgets and plugin (more about them in another post). is a privately owned website. If you just want a free blogging or to try out WP that would be an easy way to do it. They have free websites that included “your name” in the URL. But there are a number of limitations in using their site. And they Are trying to sell you products.

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