FTP Program and Editor

Before you make a Child Theme – I recommend downloading Filezilla, an FTP program, and Notepad ++, a source code editor. You need to be able to create a Child theme document that is a css file and then place it in a Child Theme folder on your host server. Or you could upload the document through your Cpanel. I find an FTP program easier. The two programs I suggest are:

Filezilla FTP Program

  • FTP (file transfer protocol) program that can take files from your computer and copy them to your WordPress folders on your host server. I recommend Filezilla. NOTE: be sure you are on the legitimate website before you download any software. You can also use the Cpanel or host control panel to upload/download files. WordPress.org has good info on ftp programs which are also called FTP clients. http://codex.wordpress.org/FTP_Clients also. YOU WANT THE CLIENT FTP PROGRAM. This is the program that allows you to take files and put them on your server.

Notepad++ Source Code Editor

  • Source Code Editor that you can use to make simple files that are saved as css (cascading style sheets), php (the acronym doesn’t really explain that it is a little action program) or even just html. Notepad++ is the one I recommend. Notepad++ uses colors and what is known as “Syntax highlighting” which means it displays text, especially source code in different colors and fonts according to the category of terms. Notepad++ is simple and easy to use – but has expandable capacity for professional developers. 

Once you have created a Child Theme stylesheet – see the next blog – you will use your FTP program to move it from your website to your server. Having an FTP program and an Editor will expand what you are able to do with your website and will make your feel like the real website developer you are becoming.

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