Pages and Posts

Pages and Posts

Newbies often wonder what the heck are pages and posts? Pages are the main, relatively non-changing (static) pieces of your website. Welcome, WordPress How to Blog, and Lindy Flynn are the Pages of this website. Posts are the articles that are ‘posted’ on the Blog page, newest on top, organized by categories and tags. Posts can be even longer than pages; they can go on and on, but can be shortened on the Blog Page with a “Continue Reading” link to the full article. The article “Pages and Posts” is a post.

Pages are the menu items on your website with links on the menu bar. Posts are listed under Recent Posts.

Click on the pictures to make instructions bigger

I wanted to try visuals for the How To part of adding Pages and Posts to your WordPress website. So if you click on the pictures to make them bigger you should easily be able to read the instructions.

Please let me know what you think! Thanks.